The Book Club!

Introducing the Patricia & Co. Book Club


Hi Everyone!

I want to let you know about a new series coming to the blog: The Book Club!

I love to read, but for the longest time I struggled to find engaging books about design and business. After combing the web and getting recommendations from other designers, I have amassed a pretty long reading list and want to share these finds with you!

All of the books I will be featuring in this series are ones that have had a profound impact on my life and career as a designer. The books will also relate to the blog posts I write and new items available in The Library. This means that every month we will be taking a deep dive into one aspect of running a creative business.

I invite you to join the discussion and learn more about running a creative business!

October Books

“Manage Your Day to Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, & Sharpen Your Creative Mind”
Edited by Jocelyn Glei

This book, published by 99U, is a collection of essays about productivity, design, and how to run a creative business in the digital age. With insights from 20 leading creative minds, this book will equip you with strategies for using your time wisely and creating your best work!

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“Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”
Greg McKeown

Like “Manage Your Day to Day” this book equips you with strategies for managing the things that demand your time. Part of being productive in life and at work is saying “no” to the things that are not essential. McKeown expertly describes what it means to be an Essentialist and how to determine what the essentials are in your life. 

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I look forward to reading with you!