Nice To Meet You!

10 Things About Me Patricia & Co.

1. I live in San Francisco, CA

After finishing my graduate program at the University of Notre Dame, my fiancé Patrick and I decided to make the epic cross-country move from Northern Indiana to California. We are both glad to be in a place full of others just like us; code nerds for Patrick and free spirited creatives for me. If you are ever in the area, hit me up on social media and I can show you all the best spots!

2. I am a productivity nerd

When I was younger, around the holidays all of my friends would be circling the gifts that they wanted in toy catalogues. Of course I was also circling what I wanted in catalogues…office supply catalogues. To this day nothing thrills me more than a new pen, and why get only one pen when you could get the rainbow set, am I right?

3. One of my biggest aspirations in life is...

To read as many books a day as Theodore Roosevelt did (~3 books per day); I am up to ~1 so I have a long way to go, but the best thing about reading is that you reap its benefits no matter how long it takes. In our modern culture we are simultaneously overwhelmed by written content and yet out of touch with our own written tradition. I believe the best way to understand ourselves and other people is by reading stories.

4. I studied Latin, Mathematics, and Architecture

As a lifelong designer, my talent lies in identifying problems and then creating beautiful solutions for them. At first glance my interests may seem disjointed, but all of them contribute to my understanding of how to use design to make this world better for the people in it. By reading classical literature and poetry I learned that we do not need to abandon the past in order to live in a modern world; by studying logic I learned that even the most complex problems can be solved when we look at them in the right way; and studying architecture showed me that truly good design always solves real problems for real people.

5. My number-one, get-everything-done-and-then-some, secret weapon is:

Coffee (shocking, I know)! I take after my father in a lot of ways and not the least of which is his constant need for coffee. My father is so dedicated to his coffee consumption that he is never more than 50 ft from a fresh pot of coffee (he strategically places coffee pots around his home and office to achieve this). When he visits, he will ask if there is fresh coffee before even saying hello. I can only assume that he will live to be 200 years old since all of the latest studies say that drinking 5 or more cups of coffee a day is good for you.

6. I love black pepper

Several months ago, after polishing off a one-pound bag of black peppercorns, I decided to investigate how much black pepper Patrick and I use compared to the average person. Several hours and many International Commodities Reports later I determined that we use between 5 and 10 times more black pepper than average. Dear Pepper Farmers, you’re welcome.

7. I am always singing

Sometimes it will just be a little tune hummed here and there as I work; other times it will be a full-blown concert in my living room.

8. My favorite TV show is Law & Order

I also love Arrested Development, Futurama, and Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

9. My favorite treat is candied orange peel

A few years ago while I was living in Rome Patrick sent me some candied orange peel for our anniversary (it's my favorite). Since it was so close to Halloween the only way to get candied orange peel from this particular chocolatier was to have it wrapped in a wooden “Happy Halloween” box (with a huge witch engraved on the lid). We joked that he was trying to tell me something; I probably still have that box somewhere.

10. I am an “old soul”

I love silk robes, gin & tonics, putting my hair in rollers, and tea in the afternoon.


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