Design Inspiration Round Up

Design Inspiration Round Up

As a graphic designer, I find inspiration all around me. But rather than wait around for inspiration to strike, I have an ever-growing list of sites that never fail to get get me in a creative mood. Here are my top design inspiration resources:


  • Typewolf
    • Typewolf is an amazing resource for discovering fonts, exploring different font pairings, and seeing fonts in use on the web. 
  • Friends of Type
    • Friends of Type is pure lettering eye candy. 
  • Fonts In Use
    • Fonts In Use is similar to Typewolf in that you can expolre different fonts and see how they are used on website and in print.
  • Typecast
    • Typecast is one of my favorite tools for exploring differents fonts and testing them out before having to license them. They have a huge library of web fonts, so you will probably find any font you are looking for. The Hoefler & Co. collection, however, is not available 😢
  • I Love Typography
    • I Love Typography is a great resource for all things typography; discover new typfaces and learn how to use them.
  • Typoguide
    • Typoguide is a helpful little guide to web typography.
  • What The Font
    • What The Font is a tool by MyFonts where you can upload an image of a font and it will attempt to identify it.

Graphic & Web Design

  • Dribbble
    • Dribbble is a great place to see highly-polished design work. You can follow your favorite designers, comment on their work, and more. 
  • Behance
    • Behance is a graphic designer portfolio site run by Adobe. This is also a great resource for finding and hiring graphic designers.
  • Inspiration Grid
    • Inspiration Grid is a great resource for inspiration in a wide array of different design fields. They have categories for everything from Advertising to Vehicle Design.
  • Abduzeedo
    • Abduzeedo is a blog about design and architecture, and they have some great design tutorials!
  • Logospire
    • Logospire is a minimal website of logo designs.
  • Site Inspire
    • Site Inspire is one of my favorite web design resources! You can search for sites by type, by design style, and more. 
  • Awwwards
    • Awwwards is another great resource for web design.

Color Palettes

  • Adobe Color
    • I use Adobe Color everyday in my design work. You can create different palettes, save them to different libraries on your Creative Cloud account, and then access them from any CC application.
  • Design Seeds
    • Design Seeds is my favorite site for exploring color palettes. You can search by color, but I have never been too impressed with the search results. 
  • Designspiration
    • Designspiration is a great resource for graphic designs, and their search by color option is amazing! 
  • Coolors
    • Color scheme generator
  • Lolcolors
    • Curated color palette inspiration


...and of course, Pinterest.


What are your favorite design resources? Share them in the comments!