As a small business owner you know all there is to know about your business: what your niche is, who your ideal customers are, and what big projects you want to take on next. But maybe you are finding that knowing these things isn’t enough. You know who your ideal customers are, but not how to get them in the door. You know what your niche is, but not how to stand out. 

At Patricia & Co. we help our clients to turn their business vision and values into a cohesive visual identity that attracts their ideal customers and helps them to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

We consider the entire vision you have for your business and create a custom suite of visuals that reflect that vision. This includes logo designs, typography, color palette, marketing & printed items—everything you need to have a business that looks and feels exactly right!


Why Invest in premium branding?

All brand design is not created equally and generic logos have a huge hidden cost—the cost of watching your ideal customers pass you by time and time again. At Patricia & Co. we only do custom brand design because we know that design is only impactful when it is created to solve a specific problem. We look at your entire business and craft custom solutions for you and you alone.

Because we design only for you, you get all the advantages of custom design:


Connect with Your Ideal Customer

When you are projecting a clear message to potential customers, it is easier to covert leads into sales. Stop wasting time on customers who don't align with your business vision and start attracting your ideal customer today.

Clarify Your Message

Part of the custom branding process is to uncover the values and vision of your business. Once we discover what your true vision is, we create designs that convey this vision to your customers.


Build Trust

In business, as in life, you only have one chance at a first impression. In a crowded marketplace your visuals are the first aspect of your business that customers experience. Designs that convey the care and attention to detail that you devote to your business builds trust with your potential customers.

Set Your Business Apart

You and your business are unique and there is no one who can do what you do. At Patricia & Co. we create designs that showcase the things that make you unique and amazing!


The biggest benefit of all

When you work with us you are in capable hands. We work diligently for you so that you can focus on the things you do best!

Brand Identity Design

Investment starts at $2250


Logo Design

Coordinating Typefaces

Custom Illustrations & Pattern Design

Marketing & Social Media Graphics

Brand Guideline

Print Collateral


+ Web Design

Brand Identity Cost + $1500 for a Squarespace Site
Brand Identity Cost + $2500 for a WordPress Site

We also do design & development for eCommerce or custom web projects
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Our Design Process


Before you choose Patricia & Co. for your design needs, let’s talk about your business and your long term goals. It is important for us to deliver the best possible designs and experience to all of our clients. By taking the time to understand your needs, we are able to make sure that we are a good fit for you.


1. Brand Discovery

The first phase of the design process is all about clarifying your business vision and goals. We start by having you answer some questions about your business, how you got started, who you ideal customer is, and the goals that you have. If you are curious, you can take a peek at our exact questionnaire here. Then, we take your responses and use them to devise a custom design plan with sample images to give you an idea of what your brand design will look like.


2. Brand Design

When you are happy with the design direction, we will get to work on your brand design. This includes logos, typography, color palettes, custom illustrations & patterns, and print materials specific to your needs.


3. Finishing Touches 

In addition to creating your custom brand design, we provide you with tools to maximize the impact of these designs. A great brand design is one that equips you to put your best foot forward in all situations. We are also available to handle all of your printing and finishing needs to guaranty that they meet a high standard of quality.


Choosing Patricia & Co. for your design needs means that you have an expert design team in your corner who are always available to support you and your business!